Digital Photos

We have SO MANY digital photos!


Where are they all hiding?

How do we find photos for or from that special event?

How do I make sure I don't lose my photos if my phone or computer stops working?

...unnecessary stress!

I can help you!

There will be 5 basic steps to this process:

  1. Gather :: Find ALL your photos across many devices

  2. Organize :: Set up chronological filing systems and remove duplicate

  3. Backup :: I recommend you have 3 copies of your collection

    • Computer (or external hard drive if your computer doesn't have enough space)

    • One off-site copy (this could be an external hard drive that you store at a friend or family member's home)

    • Cloud Service of your choice

  4. Maintain :: Establish a system so the photos you continue to take will be integrated into your organized collection

  5. Share :: I am a firm believer that photos need to be shared! After the 4 steps above are completed you will have easy access to organized files and be set up with a cloud service that will making searching for certain photos even easier.


There will be ongoing maintenance required to ensure the photos you continue to take will be integrated well into the system we set up. 

This will include adding photos to your hard copy space (computer or external hard drive) and also backing up to the cloud service that you use.

I can coach you through learning this system, or we can agree on a maintenance plan in which I check in monthly to ensure your photos are updated appropriately. 

If you're interested in a monthly maintenance, we could also include an annual photo book which would be produced at the end of the calendar year, featuring your favourite photos.

Different Ways to Share Photos:

  • Social Media: The current social media wave allows family and friends to connect all across the globe and sharing photos helps bring and keep people close.

  • Photo Books: These are a great passion of mine and so nicely capture a holiday, a special event or a recap of the year. I would be happy to help you learn to create your own...or even create one for you!

  • Event Photos: When we celebrate milestones in life, creating slideshows, printing photos for a photo board, setting up a personalized guest books are just a few ideas that make events so personal and meaningful, especially loved by our older generations.

  • Display Photos: We cannot forget good ol' framed photos placed with love around our homes. (Remember, framed photos shouldn't always be new and current photos. Old photos are the best conversation starters!) We now have access to many new and fun photo products we can explore. These make for fantastic gift ideas; personalized puzzles, metal prints, canvas wraps, calendars...this list goes on and on!




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