Every photo collection is unique, which means every organizing project is equally as unique. The best approach is for us to have a conversation and see how we can work together to make a plan tailored to you. Pricing can then be determined.



What is your budget?

How much of this project do you want to work on?

What is your vision for the outcome of this project?

Is there a specific timeline you need to follow?

Would you like to set up a maintenance program where I check in monthly or annually and make sure everything is in order?

Do you want photo books or other photo products created?

Custom Photo Books :: This pricing will vary depending on book size, quantity of pages, style, etc. The cost of the book itself is additional to design time.

DIY Coaching :: This package is an option if you would like to tackle this project yourself but you would like to be lead through the steps. I would be available at every stage to provide direction.

Monthly Maintenance :: This plan ensures that each month that your digital photo collection is completely up to date, both on your hard drive (or external hard drive) as well as backed up to the cloud system of your choice. At the end of the calendar year, I would produce a (10" x 10") hard cover photo book highlighting the events from the previous 12 months.

Annual Maintenance :: Once a year (after the original digital organizing project is complete) I check in with you and we make sure your photos taken in the last 12 months are added into your newly organized system, both hard copies and cloud services.

Conversion Pricing :: If you have reels and other media you do not see listed here, please inquire and I will send you coordinating pricing.


VHS/JVC Conversion: $25/tape

8mm Cassette Conversion: $25/tape

DVD Video Conversion: $15/disk

Photo Scanning (up to 5" x 7"): $0.25/photo

Photo Scanning (6" x 8" to 8" x 10"): $0.50/photo

Slide Scanning: $1.00/slide

Document Scanning: $0.50/side




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