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Printed Photos


Do you have drawers / boxes / bins of printed photos that are in complete chaos?

Do you want to turn your piles of disorganized photos into a book or a display that you can showcase at an upcoming event?

Are you looking to downsize and just not sure what to do with all the photos?

I can help you sift through the piles, organize your physical photos into a manageable structure and then digitize your full collection!

Together we will

  1. Gather :: Find ALL your photos stored in different locations

  2. Organize :: Batch photos into approximate dates/times/events

  3. Scan :: Take the newly batched collection and digitize, setting up a digital filing system to match the hard copy system.

  4. Backup :: I recommend you have 3 copies of your collection

    • ​This could be a combination of External Hard Drives and/or Cloud Services

  5. Share :: Do you have a specific milestone celebration in mind when organizing these physical photos? If yes, we can discuss the many options available to sharing these photos.

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