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Scanning &



We can take any old photo you have and turn it into a digital file that will last forever. 

This will work for photos and other memorabilia you may have saved over the years.

We can also convert old movies and films from years gone by!


Photos will be scanned at 600dpi

VHS Tapes will be saved as Mp4

VHS/JVC/VHSc/8mm Cassette Conversion: $25/piece

DVD Video Conversion: $22/disc

Audio Cassette: $25/piece

Photo Scanning (3"x3" to 4"x6"): $0.50/photo

Photo Scanning (5"x7" to 8"x10"): $0.75/photo

Photo Scanning (all other sizes): $1.00/photo

*Flatbed scanning covers all photos larger than 8” x 10” or smaller than 3” x 3”, as well as any damaged or sticky photos

Slide / Negative Scanning: contact for pricing

Document Scanning: $1.00/side

*If you have older film reels not listed here, we can likely convert them. Inquire for pricing.

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