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Digital Photo Organizing

Every photo collection is unique, which means every organizing project is equally as unique.



If you are local to GingerSnaps, I would love for you to hand over your box of goodies in person (discs, flash drives, hard drives, camera cards, etc.) housing all your photos. I will then work in my office gathering, sorting, deduplicating and backing-up your photo collection.


If you are not local to me, you are welcome to box up your digital devices and send them to me. This can be done through Canada Post, USPS, or a courier service of your choice. (I have many clients do this from all across North America) Upon receiving your box, I will do the full gathering, sorting, deduplicating and backing-up process. Everything will be sent back to you upon completion.

Do-It-Yourself Coaching

If you prefer to do the organizing yourself but with some direction, I have coaching packages available. I will set up zoom meetings throughout your organizing process for next steps, check-ins, troubleshooting, etc. You can do this on your own, or we can set up Group Coaching for 2 or more people who would like to tackle this project at the same time. You would each work on your own photos, but we would meet as a group via zoom and you would be lead through the steps together. I will be available at each stage to provide direction. 

For all my approaches to Digital Organizing, I am sure to keep in constant contact with each client, updating on our progress and clarifying any issues as we go. 

Sources: A source is any device you have that is housing photos

Click HERE to see a list of possible sources

**some of the smaller items (camera memory cards, flash drives, discs) are grouped into 10s, meaning 10 camera cards and/or flash drives and/or discs would equal ONE source)

I am so thrilled I made the investment to work with Shanna. She helped get my various sources of photos organized and all in one place. She is incredibly kind, professional and helpful and was so easy to work with through the entire process. I highly recommend working with her to get your photos in order and put your mind at ease about ensuring you have your precious photos safe and organized! ~SS

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