Digital Photo Organizing

Every photo collection is unique, which means every organizing project is equally as unique.


In Person:

If you prefer to hand over your box of goodies (discs, flash drives, hard drives, camera cards, etc) housing all your photos, we at GingerSnaps can take your sources back to our office and extract all the photos here. We will then continue on with the sorting, deduplicating and backup parts of the process.


We work with clients ALL AROUND THE WORLD! We can work remotely, connecting through screen sharing software and you can remain in the comfort of your own home while we organize your photos. We will gather, sort chronologically, deduplicate & backup REMOTELY.

Do-It-Yourself Coaching

If you prefer to do the organizing yourself but with some direction, we have you covered as well!

Sources: A source is any device you have that is housing photos.

Click HERE to see a list of possible sources.

**some of the smaller items (camera memory cards, flash drives, CD's, etc) are grouped into 10s, meaning 10 camera cards and/or flash drives would equal ONE source)