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Custom PhotoBooks

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The options for displaying our photos are endless! We can personalize gifts, be creative in the photos we place around our homes, or capture a year/trip/event in one tidy book.


I LOVE photobooks!

Photobooks are my favourite for capturing memories of an event; a vacation, a wedding, a weekend with friends, a lifetime of pics with a certain someone. The options are endless. Many families love to create one book every year, capturing the highlights over 12 months. (Which also includes the everyday moments!)

Putting a book together as a gift is very thoughtful and meaningful.

Design PhotoBooks For You

Will this book cover a full year in the life of your family? Or will it be a compilation of the printed photos we've recently digitized? Would you like to document your travel? We will chat to discover the best size, style, and options to match the theme of your book. There are various ways to transfer photos so there is no need to worry about being without your phone! Reach out for details and pricing.


Design Your Own PhotoBooks

We have an online course available and it is all about photobook creation! It is called Snap It & Scrap It. In this course we cover workflow, 5 different design platforms, tips and tricks on how to create the best books, design elements, etc. 

The access to the course is here: Snap It & Scrap It

If you would like more low-key guidance on learning how to create your own photobooks, join our Facebook Group :: GingerSnaps Photobooks

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Shanna, I am blown away!  I started the first few classes and you are so clear and helpful already.  I am buckling in, making loads of notes and will carry on with the next comparison.....from the table of contents this course is EXCELLENT value for money!   ~VP

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