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The options for displaying our photos are endless! We can personalize gifts, be creative in the photos we place around our homes, or capture a year/trip/event in one tidy book.


If you would like to design your own photobook or other fun product, you can find them all here:

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I LOVE photobooks!

There are so many options to consider and even photobooks can be overwhelming.

What program do I use to create a book?

Where do I have my book printed?

What size should I create?

Should I design a hard-cover book or a soft-cover book?

Photobooks are my favourite for capturing memories of an event; a vacation, a wedding, a weekend with friends, a lifetime of pics with a certain someone. The options are endless. Many families love to create one book every year, capturing the highlights over 12 months. (Which also includes the everyday moments!)

Putting a book together as a gift is very thoughtful and meaningful.

If you would like guidance on learning how to create your own photobooks, I am happy to help you! Join our Facebook Photobooks Group

I can also design books for you. In this case, you'll need to decide on your theme. Will this book cover a full year in the life of your family? Or will it be a compilation of the printed photos we've recently digitized? After you decide what you would like to focus on, you'll be better able to choose a size. If you're unsure, we'll chat and figure it out!


These are the common sizes I work with: 

12" x 12"

10" x 10" (my favourite!)

11" x 8.5"

8" x 8"

8" x 6"

5" x 5"





Leather cover

Lay-Flat pages

Regular pages

Prices will vary according to style, size and page count. Quotes can be provided.