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Remote Digital Organizing

We have SO MANY digital photos!

Where are they all hiding?

How do we find photos for or from a special event?

How do I make sure I don't lose my photos if my phone or computer stops working?

...unnecessary stress!

I can help you!

There will be 5 basic steps to Digital Photo Organizing:

  1. Gather :: Find ALL your photos across many devices

  2. Organize :: Set up chronological filing systems and remove duplicates

  3. Backup :: I recommend you have 3 copies of your collection

    • External Hard Drive (or computer if you have enough space)

    • One off-site copy (this could be an external hard drive that you store at a friend or family member's home)

    • Cloud Service of your choice

  4. Maintain :: Establish a system so the photos you continue to take will be integrated into your organized collection, updating both the hard copies and the cloud copies. I can coach you through learning this system, or we can agree on a maintenance plan in which I check in monthly (or annually) to ensure your photos are updated appropriately. If you are interested in a maintenance plan, we could also include an annual photo book which would be produced at the end of the calendar year, featuring your favourite photos.

  5. Share :: I am a firm believer that photos need to be shared! After the 4 steps above are completed you will have easy access to organized files and be set up with a cloud service that will making searching for certain photos even easier.

Remote Digital Organizing Service:

This service allows GingerSnaps to work with clients all around the world! Location is not a factor. We will use screen sharing technology to work together, moving your photos through the steps listed above. 

How do we work through screen sharing? 

Prior to our first appointment I will send you an email with the link you'll need for joining me on the screen sharing program. It is very user friendly. When we are connected you will allow me to view your screen and control your mouse. 

We will chat to find out what your project all entails. I will need to get a good handle on where your photos are, how you have systems set up on your end and how you want to be able to work with your photos at the end of this project. 

We will discuss storage and cloud services. We will customize a plan that suits YOU!

Our first call will take around one hour and after that I will continue working. You are welcome to watch your computer while I do this, or you can leave it with me and we will communicate throughout the process via text message.

You have the ability to close your computer, ending my access to it, at any time. 

We will need to start a new screen sharing session at our next meeting.

How long does this organizing process take? 

This answer varies dramatically depending on internet connection, number of photos, cloud services, technical challenges, etc. The average project is 2 weeks. You will only need to be present on the initial 1 hour meeting and then again at the end for the wrap up meeting. I will work independently in between via screen sharing. 

There are 2 packages available for this service:

  1. Tidy Package $1000 :: This is the service you will choose if you have 1-4 different digital photo sources.

  2. Orderly Package $1500 :: This package covers the more complex photo collections including 5+ sources; multiple computers, multiple phones, multiple cloud services, etc.

What is considered a "source"?

Your computer counts as one source, your phone as one source, a cloud service is one source (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Photos, Amazon, etc), an external hard drive is one source. If you have multiple micro-sources (discs, flash drives, camera cards, etc) I will guide you through transferring all those photos onto ONE source, for example, the external hard drive, or the computer. (Or, you have the option of sending me a box of these goodies and I can consolidate them here. This is outside the package price)

Where do I book my session?

You can click here and it will take you to the page with all the different booking options.

Different Ways to Share Photos:

  • Social Media :: The current social media wave allows family and friends to connect all across the globe and sharing photos helps bring and keep people close.

  • Photobooks :: These are a great passion of mine and so nicely capture a holiday, a special event or a recap of the year. I would be happy to help you learn to create your own...or even create one for you! Join our Facebook Photobooks group!

  • Video Montage :: Combining video clips and photos into a 20 minute snapshot of the year can be such a fun way to relive memories.

  • Event Photos :: When we celebrate milestones in life, creating slideshows, printing photos for a photo board, setting up a personalized guest books are just a few ideas that make events so personal and meaningful, especially loved by our older generations.

  • Display Photos :: There are always new and exciting ways to display our photos. Canvas Wraps, Metal Prints, Wood Prints, Calendars ... and we cannot forget good ol' framed photos placed with love around our homes. (Remember, framed photos shouldn't always be new and current photos. Old photos are the best conversation starters!) All these great products can be ordered through GingerSnaps! You can design and order yourself, or we can lend a hand. Check out our Photo Products website here!

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