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What happens at The Photo Managers' conference?

Let's take a look into the week...

Last week, we headed to Columbus Ohio for the annual Photo Managers conference. The time spent was a fantastic blend of learning, networking, and camaraderie.

Throughout the week, we attended general sessions as a full group where we were enlightened on topics such as the future of AI in photography, the power of creating a legacy and telling our stories, and our industry's impact on memory preservation.

Each day we would attend a number of breakout sessions. During this time we would delve into technical aspects of photo management. We dive deep into various programs and tools we use to help our wide variety of clients. Some of us attended Pre-Conference Intensives where we focused on growing our businesses and finding new ways to reach the many clients who would benefit from our help.

Yet, it's the informal conversations between sessions that truly shine. Here, we share experiences, troubleshoot challenges, and exchange insights. The after-hours gatherings cement these connections, bringing out the warmth and fun within our community.

Being part of this group is more than professional—it's personal. We're united by our passion for photos and the profound impact they have on people's lives. Each interaction reinforces the importance of our work in preserving memories and tells us that we're part of something special.

Attending this conference isn't just about acquiring knowledge; it's about building lasting relationships with like-minded professionals. Together, we celebrate our successes, navigate industry shifts, and inspire each other to push boundaries. It's an experience that leaves me grateful and eager for next year!

We have approximately 50 certified members in Canada, along with members from many countries around the world. Our industry is growing!


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