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Snap Guide :: 5 Steps In Organizing Digital Photos

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Dealing with digital photos is overwhelming. Technology challenges us, old media can no longer be viewed, duplicates are taking over our phones, and how in the world do we access 'the cloud'?

We have outlined the 5 steps involved in every digital organizing project.

Digital photos on a Mac computer.


Gather EVERY device (or source) that holds digital photos into one location. Using a new External Hard Drive, make folder called Photo Hub. In that master folder, create a new folder for each photo source. Copy files into corresponding folders.


Many of your photos will be duplicated on various sources so after all your photos are copied over to your Photo Hub, it's time to deduplicate. There are various programs available.

Two I use and recommend: Duplicate Cleaner Pro (PC), PhotoSweeper (Mac)


Most people choose to have their photos sorted chronologically. Again there are various programs available to help with this.

Two I use and recommend: PhotoMove (PC), Big Mean Folder Machine (Mac)


We always recommend the 3-2-1 Backup Method:

3 copies of your photos

2 different types of media

1 copy offsite (this can be a cloud)

There are a variety of combinations of this: external hard drives, computers, phones, clouds, etc.

There are various cloud services are available, each being unique.


The benefit of having your photos organized is they can be enjoyed for generations. There are many ways to share photos and relive memories: photobooks, albums, framed photos, online galleries, slideshows, digital frames, personalized photo products, etc.


If you find yourself overwhelmed, we can help!

People have the best intentions when it comes to memory keeping, but often the projects take much longer than anticipated. We can help! We are happy to take over the entire project and finish it for you. Or, we offer coaching sessions so you can have some guidance and motivation and still work through the project in your own timing. Reach out if you'd like to discuss ways we can help you accomplish your goal!

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