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Travelling With An InstaCamera :: A Creative Journey

Looking for a fun, fresh way to document a trip? back in time to the excitement of an InstaCamera!

My nephew and his girlfriend spent over 2 weeks on a road trip travelling around Ontario. They had a great time visiting family and friends along the way 🚘⁠


To document their trip they took along an Insta-Camera and snapped photos everywhere they went. They found a cute little album designed just for those prints and popped them in order as the events happened. Now their entire trip is chronicled and they can look back on those memories for years to come 🏞️⁠


They've travelled back in time a captured their adventures the old fashioned way!⁠

Will these photos be the highest quality and around for centuries?...likely not. But, have a little fun snapping these great shots and enjoy the process.

What Insta Cameras do I recommend? There are so many brands to choose from.


Want to learn more about phone photos?

I have created a mini workshop that will teach you how to gain control of all the photos on your phone! Learn 5 steps you can take in under 5 minutes a day to keep your phone photos organized.

SnapShot 5

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