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Why Are Photos Important?

There are actual psychological benefits to looking through photos...

Photo memories are especially important for children's development...

Here are the top three psychological benefits to children:

  1. Identity & Belonging Family photos provide children with a sense of who they are and where they come from. By seeing their family members and themselves in these photos, children develop a stronger sense of identity and belonging within their family unit.

  2. Emotional Connection: When children look at family photos, they often experience a deep emotional connection. These images trigger feelings of love, nostalgia, and happiness, which contribute to emotional well-being. They remind children of the positive experiences and loving relationships within their family.

  3. Storytelling & Memory: Family photos serve as visual prompts for storytelling. Children can engage in conversations with family members about events and people in the photos. This process not only enhances memory development but also strengthens communication skills and family bonds as they collectively recall and share their history.

Photo memories are also important to the wellbeing of adults...
  1. Emotional well being: Family photos evoke positive emotions, such as happiness, nostalgia, and a sense of belonging. They serve as visual reminders of cherished moments, loved ones, and shared experiences, which can boost an adult's mood and overall emotional well-being.

  2. Stress Reduction: Engaging with family photos can provide a sense of comfort and relaxation. The act of reminiscing about happy times and the presence of loved ones in the photos can help reduce stress and anxiety, promoting a sense of calm.

  3. Improved Self Esteem: Family photos often capture moments of achievement, celebration, and connection. When adults look at these photos, they are reminded of their accomplishments and the meaningful relationships in their lives, which can enhance self-esteem and self-worth.

  4. Identity & Connection: Family photos reinforce a person's sense of identity and connection to their roots. They provide a visual narrative of one's family history, culture, and traditions, helping adults feel a deeper connection to their heritage and family legacy.

  5. Memory Enhancement: Family photos act as memory aids, helping adults recall specific events, dates, and details from the past. This cognitive engagement can enhance memory recall and preserve important life stories.

  6. Positive Outlook: Regularly revisiting family photos can foster a positive outlook on life. They serve as a tangible reminder of the good times and the resilience adults have shown in overcoming challenges, helping them maintain a hopeful perspective.

  7. Strengthening Relationships: Sharing family photos with others can be a bonding experience. It encourages conversations and storytelling, allowing adults to connect with family members, friends, and loved ones on a deeper level.

  8. Motivation & Inspiration: Sharing family photos with others can be a bonding experience. It encourages conversations and storytelling, allowing adults to connect with family members, friends, and loved ones on a deeper level.

  9. Coping with Grief: In times of loss or grief, family photos can provide solace. They allow adults to remember and honor the memories of loved ones who have passed away, offering a sense of closure and comfort.

  10. Self-reflection: Family photos serve as a mirror to one's life journey. By reviewing these visual timelines, adults can engage in self-reflection, assessing personal growth, changes, and lessons learned over time.

Looking at photos is a simple yet powerful way for children and adults to connect with their past, appreciate their present, and look forward to their future.


Want to create Photo Books for your family?

I have created an online course specifically designed to teach you how to create your own Photo Books! This course will walk you through the 6 Steps to Creating Photobooks IN DETAIL!

We cover 5 different programs and show you how to use 4 of them in depth. We also talk about gathering your photos, workflow, and design tips.

Snap It & Scrap It is self-paced, allowing you to work through it at your own speed. By the end of the course you will have a completed book!


If you still feel overwhelmed at the idea of creating a book on your own, I'm happy to do it for you! There are many ways to send/receive photos so location is not a factor ... I have worked with clients all across North America. Together we'll discuss the perfect size and style to suit your theme. Reach out if you'd like to discuss ways we can help you accomplish your goal!

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