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Snap Guide :: 5 Steps In Organizing Printed Photos

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Sorting and curating family photos is a daunting task.

We have outlined the 5 steps involved in every organizing project.

Disorganized Printed Photos / Family Pictures


What do you want the end result of organizing your photos to look like? Do you want to downsize, digitize, design? When you know the answer to this, you'll have a direction for your project.


This project will take time so you'll need a space to spread out and work, ideally on a table you can use until the project is complete. Gather a pencil, sticky notes, gloves, photo boxes, index cards, scrap paper, garbage bin, etc.


Go around your house and gather EVERY printed photo and take them ALL to your table: frames, albums, loose photos, photo envelopes, professional photo packs, newspapers, scrapbooks, boxes, etc. When you have everything in one place you can move on to the sort.


It is time to start sorting. Pick up a small selection of photos to get started, and create 3 piles...

The KEEPERS are the photos you want to hang on to and preserve.

The PASSERS are the one you don't need to keep, but family/friends might be interested in them.

The TOSSERS are ready for the garbage bin.


Going back to your goal, what do you want the end result to be? The photos you want to keep need to be preserved either by digitizing, placing in archival storage boxes, or displayed in organized albums. It is best to have a backup of your photos in place, should something happen to the originals.


If you find yourself overwhelmed, we can help!

People have the best intentions when it comes to memory keeping, but often the projects take much longer than anticipated. We can help! We are happy to take over the entire project and finish it for you. Or, we offer coaching sessions so you can have some guidance and motivation and still work through the project in your own timing. Reach out if you'd like to discuss ways we can help you accomplish your goal!

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