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Snap Guide :: How to SORT Printed Photos

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

You have your photos gathered what!?

Looking at the stacks of albums or boxes of loose photos is completely overwhelming.

Rather than staring at the entire project, choose ONE album, or ONE box and that is where you will start.

Now set yourself up with 3 PILES....

Looking through printed photos and selecting the best.


This pile of photos holds the gems ... the memories you know you want to preserve.

From here you can digitize, store, create, etc.

The possibilities are endless :)


This pile holds images you don't necessarily want to keep in your collection, but you may have family / friends who would enjoy them.

You can pass them along :)


This is the pile that can go straight to the trash can. There is no need to keep blurry photos, duplicates, unidentified empty fields, etc.

Toss and move on :)


The key to success in sorting your photos is to use the 2 SECOND RULE. You have 2 seconds with a photo in your hand to decide which pile it goes into. Do not get caught up in reliving all your memories at this stage or this part of the process will never be completed. Know that you will glance at the photo and make your decision.

The time for enjoying all those memories will come soon :)


If you find yourself overwhelmed, we can help!

People have the best intentions when it comes to memory keeping, but often the projects take much longer than anticipated. We can help! We are happy to take over the entire project and finish it for you. Or, we offer coaching sessions so you can have some guidance and motivation and still work through the project in your own timing. Reach out if you'd like to discuss ways we can help you accomplish your goal!

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