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Photo Gift Ideas

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Give meaningful gifts this year, gifts that help make and preserve memories...

We have 12 Photo Gift Ideas for Christmas:

1. Water-Proof Camera I have talked about these beauties many times! They are the best for travel. Being water-proof (often drop-proof and all-weather proof as well) they are so durable making it fun to use while travelling. They can handle being bumped around and thrown in the water. They also make it super easy to lock your phone away in the hotel room and enjoy your vacation with all the messages and responsibilities tucked away with it.

There are a few different brands I would trust, but this is the camera our family uses and loves.

2. Custom Photo Book: A custom photo book would make a great Christmas gift for someone special as it beautifully captures cherished memories and moments. Consider giving this gift every year, capturing the day-to-day life of a family throughout the year in one tidy book.

Either we can create books for you, or we can lead you through creating your own.

3. Digital Photo Frame: Allow your loved one to display a rotating gallery of their favorite memories, bringing warmth and nostalgia to any room. Set this up for a parent or grandparent and you can add new photos at any time from your own phone.

There are different brands of digital frames, but these are the ones I use, have given as gifts, and love to recommend.

4. Cloud Storage Space: There is no free cloud storage anymore, but there are MANY options for paid storage. They all offer different benefits. Ensuring someone's photo and video memories can be safely backed up and easily accessed can decrease much stress for someone in your life. ✨A great clutter-free gift idea

I am happy to have a conversation about cloud storage options and what would suit you best. This one is one of my favourites.

5. Video Conversion: Have you seen old VHS/8mm Cassettes/Mini DVD's/8mm Reels/Reel-to-Reels hiding in your parents' basement or attic? Have these old movies digitized before they break down for good. Save those family memories. ✨A great clutter-free gift idea

Location is not a factor, we can chat about the best way to receive the old media and return digital files to you.

6. Insta-Camera: These fun little instant cameras have made a come-back over the last few years. Do you remember the old Polaroids we use to have? These are great gift ideas for all ages, from young children to young adults. Be sure to order extra film when you purchase the camera so they're all set for awhile!

Again, there are many options available. This is the camera I have and love. And remember to purchase film *here.

7. Deck of Cards: If you have card players in your life, think about personalizing a Deck of Cards. You can add your own photo to the one side of each card (the same photo for the entire deck) and it's such a fun way to make game night extra special.

If you want to see samples or ask about pricing, simply email or message me.

8. Slide Scanning: As with old videos, some of us (or parents/grandparents) have boxes of slide carousels collecting dust. These old slides hold AMAZING images! Give the gift of digitizing this Christmas and bring those old memories back to life. ✨A great clutter-free gift idea

9. One-Hour Work Session: Many people struggle with the overwhelming number of photos we have. How do we organize, what's the best backup storage space, what to do with a full phone... You can purchase a One-Hour Work Session for that person and it would give them one-on-one time with me where we can tackle any photo issue they're having.

You can use this link to schedule an hour that will suit you or the receiver of your thoughtful gift.

10. Annual Video Montage: I have a growing number of clients requesting an annual video montage. We take all the short video clips from throughout the year, string them together, do some editing, and in end the we are left with a 20-30 minute recap of the year. This is the video that can be kept and all the little clips can be removed. This clears up storage space on the phone, in the cloud....and less clutter :) ✨A great clutter-free gift idea

11. Digital Organizing Package:This is a premium gift If you know of someone who is struggling with photos in many different places, clouds they can't access, discs they can't read anymore, phone storage full, old computers not working....I can work with that person to gather all their photos into one place, sort them all chronologically, remove duplicates, and ensure they're safely backed up. You can purchase a package for a loved one to have this completed, start to finish. ✨A great clutter-free gift idea

I have different packages available and various ways to tackle organizing digital photos.

12. Gift Certificate: Gingersnaps has so many services to offer, and many ways to work with clients and their photo/video memories. We have gift certificates available for every service or for any dollar value. Supporting small business while giving a fantastic, practical gift is a win-win....and it's ✨A great clutter-free gift idea

These gifts both help create and preserve family memories :)


Want to create Photo Books for your family?

I have created an online course specifically designed to teach you how to create your own Photo Books! This course will walk you through the 6 Steps to Creating Photobooks IN DETAIL!

We cover 5 different programs and show you how to use 4 of them in depth. We also talk about gathering your photos, workflow, and design tips.

Snap It & Scrap It is self-paced, allowing you to work through it at your own speed. By the end of the course you will have a completed book!


If you still feel overwhelmed at the idea of creating a book on your own, I'm happy to do it for you! There are many ways to send/receive photos so location is not a factor ... I have worked with clients all across North America. Together we'll discuss the perfect size and style to suit your theme. Reach out if you'd like to discuss ways we can help you accomplish your goal!

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